Predictions v2

First humans started innovating with technology. Freight trains and automobiles and televisions were the first signs of the great changes that were to come. These were simply better at their tasks than previous methods such as horse-drawn carriages and newspapers.

The world started getting richer. It started getting much more comfortable. It became possible to live life not just devoid of any real hardship but even devoid of any physical work at all. People stopped walking. They stopped working, at least they stopped working the way they used to. They stood in front of machines or screens and pushed buttons and pulled levers.

Since machines were stronger than any man, the strength gap between men and women became irrelevant. Women demanded their place alongside men since both were physically inferior to machines and physical work was no longer a task for humans anyway. As computers advanced, we became equally inferior to machines mentally. Men and women became equal. Equally irrelevant.

Humans no longer did anything hard. Machines became necessary for all functions from building roads to keeping bank records. This continues unabated. Soon we won’t even drive our cars.

People now have more free time. The quest for pleasure has became more and more important, even paramount. Since life presents no real challenges anymore, they create challenges by pushing the limits of social mores further and further out. Indeed, social mores themselves no longer serve any purpose since they are no longer necessary for the smooth functioning of society. Machines are now necessary for that, not morally constrained humans.

As social mores decline and the pursuit of pleasure advances, people experiment with previously forbidden things. They engage in homosexuality. They have multiple sex partners. They wear the clothing of the other gender. They abandon their religions. They abandon all the constraints imposed by the less advanced societies they are emerging from. And they like it. They like their lives devoid of hardship and constraint. As I do. I like it.

Children are now a burden. They are the ultimate responsibility. They interfere with pleasure. Since pleasure is now the only thing that matters, and duty is anathema to pleasure, people stop having children. In the last 40 years, the birth rate has fallen among white women from 3 live births per woman to 1. It takes 2.1 just to survive.

Still, survive we will. That instinct has not failed us. We may live only for pleasure, but we still want to live. Being as ingenious as ever, perhaps more so than ever, we will find ways to survive both individually and as a species even though we are no longer willing to have children.

Baby factories are a logical way to ensure the species survives. Perhaps the only logical way. We will create machines to make humans for us, just as we created machines to work and think for us. We will also create creches to raise these factory-made humans since we no longer wish to bear even that burden.

As we ensure the survival of the species, we will not forget our individual survival. We have already developed technology to reprogram our own cells to kill cancer and that is being tested with great success as I write this. Soon we will reprogram every part of our own bodies. Unwanted cholesterol will be gotten rid of. Unwanted fat cells, too. Unwanted everything.

Once that’s done, we will start adding things that are desirable and editing things that are not currently alterable. Every aspect of our being will become reprogrammable, including race, which is why I find the idea of racial nationalism absurd. Black people will become white and white people will become black as their whims dictate. I don’t just mean their skin colour, either. I mean all aspects of race including bone structure and facial features. Life spans will become effectively infinite. Women of 300 years in age will look 18 if they want. Most will want.

There is one thing that these advances will not cure: boredom. When sickness is unheard of, death is optional and aging is unnecessary, isn’t it obvious that we will keep going? Why not redesign the brain so that it can compute as well as a computer? Why not add communications capabilities that will render speech and even language itself unnecessary? Why not redesign our arms so they can lift anything, and our legs so that they can run as fast as the wind? Why not grow wings and fly? At this point we will no longer even look human but we won’t be close to finished yet.

In time, we will even advance beyond the physical. Why limit ourselves to our bodies? Why not transmit the consciousness that is Reg instantly across the galaxy to another body entirely? And then back again as I see fit? Or maybe even that will be unnecessary. Why not be in 2 places at once? Or 10? The physical aspects of our being will become disposable and irrelevant and we’ll switch between them as we currently switch between smartphones without losing anything. Adding, removing and editing corporeal terminals of ourselves (aka bodies) will be no more dramatic than changing one of those phones is today.

Eventually, why not network all of humanity so we are all always online and in sync? Even if it is first optional and there are holdouts, in time, like the Internet today, it will become impossible to function normally if you’re not on the grid. The new grid. The grid that replaces humanity entirely.

That grid will not be humanity’s final form. My guess is it will just be the beginning. My organic brain is incapable of grasping the challenges it will face, however, or the next steps in its evolution. I doubt it will think of itself as human, though, any more than we think of ourselves as the single-celled creatures that networked together to create humans. Perhaps it will decide to clone itself into multiple grids and start the cycle of individuality to collective consciousness all over again. I don’t know. I am no more qualified to advise it than one of those single-celled creatures is qualified to advise me.

I don’t know how much of this wild ride I will see, but I have seen enough to believe this is what is coming. Read your Bible/Qu’ran/Torah all you want. It will change nothing. This is our destiny. We will create that which replaces us and then merge into it. If some say that makes us God, I won’t disagree.